The Festival Opera Tigre on the island Kaiola Blue (Buenos Aires) is an international project of Michal Znaniecki supported by argentinian and polish instutions national and regional institutio. The Festival aims is extended along several countries around the River Paraná – Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina- with a significant emphasis and references to Polish culture. The Festival offers theatre and opera performances using the natural area of the island and the aquatic environment of the Paraná River.  Audiences have a possibility to enjoy both small scale performances and concerts as well as open air opera megaproductions. Festival Opera Tiger became part of the group of important festivals in which the water is an essential framework. Renowned international singers from around the world already visited the Music Island to participate on the water megaproductions as „The Fairy Queen”, „Ulisses”, „Ariadna’s threads” and others. Theatre and music workshops complete and support the activities of the Festival, aimed at an international spectrum of young artists. The Festival Opera Tigre brings together a set of cultural activities around the world of theatre, opera and music in various formats and environments, taking the Delta of Tigre as its geographical reference frame.