1. „Elisir d’amore” by Gaetano Dionizetti, performed by Wroclaw Opera

Friday, January 23rd, 2009.
„… staging and decorations are due to Michal Znaniecki. The whole casting and production deserve a praise, the opera was held in climate of a lyrical comedy, not a bit of exaggerated, presented in a clean, clear manner and first of all – amusing one.

text: Marcin Skarzynski
2. Love in a time of war

The newest premi?re in the Opera had nothing to do with the recent out-door staging of the same work by Dionizetti at the Pergola. And it is even better.

A year and a half ago we have seen at the Pergola – to use a borrowed term – a multi-plot poem of digressions, based on themes from the „Love Potion” libretto. Having been transferred indoors the spectacular show with special effects changes into a collected and gloomy story, quite far from any comic overacting.

The third decade of the past century, a civil war in Spain, somewhere in the country. In a small theatre they stage a story about Tristan and Isolda, starring beautiful Adina. There is a poor Nemorino among the few spectators, apparently not the brightest but sincerely in love with the actress. A squad of soldiers enters the town, lead by boorish sergeant Belcore. The troops drive the audience away, terrorize (and seduce) the acting personnel. Belcore likes Adina, not knowing that the girl supports the republican guerrillas and not noticing that she steels his weapons. He even prevents her to drop her acting, since an off-duty soldier cannot be interested in an ordinary girl, only in a spectre, more glamorous on stage than in life.

Enters Dulcamara, a peddler. He has to offer some pseudo medical trash, but it’s only a camouflage – in fact he is a head of the republican squad, an out-spoken leader, a brilliant strategist. The naive Nemorino wants to buy the love potion, but he is a pest rather than a valuable client.

Znaniecki has played it deliciously: the action is set in the darkness of a theatre, of a cellar or of army barracks. A care-free fable became a realistic, melodramatic thriller. A humour margin is filled here by the unlucky militants, repeatedly and unknowingly prevented from firing the explosives by Amino.

Adam Domagala, Gazeta Wyborcza, 2009-01-26
3. An excellent „Elisir d’amore” in the Wroclaw Opera

The „Elisir d’amore” of Gaetano Dionizetti directed by Michal Znaniecki is like a miraculous tour trip to a small town. It does not matter that we are in the provinces – the trip ticket includes a splendid music and a touching love story.

Znaniecki directed brilliantly all soloists. You cannot find here a trace of a static atmosphere, so ridiculous and tiring in today’s opera. Most of the scenes are set in very amusing and witty but simple way, appealing to our experiences. The backstage action deserves an operatic Oscar, since in this production it is worthwhile to watch not only the main heroes but also see the others: the nymphs pounding their hands, the soldiers who during one of the arias stand still for a moment like at a stop-frame during throwing paper balls at the artists, young recruits undressing for a medical check-up, the silly, screaming assistant of Dulcamara.

Magdalena Talik, kulturaonline.pl 2009-01-26
4. „Elisir d’amore” of Dionizetti in the Wroclaw Opera

The revival of Gaetano Dionizetti’s „Love Potion” in the Wroclaw Opera is one of the greatest surprises of the last months.

…nevertheless, Znaniecki is also a visionary who does not need many modernising touches to create a unique climate. In the „Love Potion” it was made by an excellent stage lighting (Bogumil Palewicz), a sparing but brilliant scenery and the clearly shown story of amorous ups and downs by the flirting Adina (Aleksandra Kubas) and being in love with her Nemorino (Rafal Bartminski) who fights for female feelings with the self-confident sergeant Belcore (Jacek Jaskula)…

Magdalena Talik, Polska Gazeta Wroclawska, 2009-01-27