Saaremaa Opera Festival 2022

20 – 24 July 2022

The main performer Silesian Opera in Bytom, Poland

Saaremaa Opera Festival – to najstarszy, najważniejszy i najbardziej prestiżowy festiwal w Estonii cieszący się dużą popularnością w krajach bałtyckich. Organizowany jest od 1999 roku na dziedzińcu średniowiecznego zamku biskupiego w Kuressaare, na wyspie Saaremaa. Dzięki wieloletniej tradycji stał się integralną częścią kulturalnego lata w Estonii, zrzeszając rokrocznie wszystkich miłośników opery na koncertach i spektaklach w wykonaniu najlepszych teatrów operowych z całej Europy i ze świata. Gościem tegorocznego Festiwalu będzie Opera Śląska z Bytomia.

Opera in two acts

Performance of Silesian Opera Production by Michał Znaniecki

Running time: 3.5 h

Love story doomed by the everlasting hatred in between rivalling families – the Capulets and the Montagues.

“This is a story about conflict in which innocence is intertwined with family feud of the adult world. That is why we have children in the cast (little Juliette and little Romeo).  As long as they are not infected with adulthood, they are able to love and they do not think of foes, politics and personal feuds. Yet, life is different. It forces one to accept social roles; revenge, loyalty, the tokens of social identity” emphasises Michał Znaniecki, the director.

The performance was awarded three Golden Masks – as the Performance of the Year 2017 being one of them

„Night with Mozart“

Performance of Silesian Opera
Production by Michał Znaniecki

“The Secret of Requiem“ (opera in one act)
Mozart. „Requiem“ (ballett performance)

Running time: 3 h

The Secret of Requiem” introduces the mysterious story of the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the accompanying aura of the artist’s last composition. Dark ghosts of the dead are harassing Emperor Leopold II, with whom the artist was the court composer of chamber music. Who is guilty for the death of the great composer? Wife? Sister? Mistress? Or maybe he was poisoned by his musical rival Antonio Salieri? The clues are not easy and anyone can turn out to be guilty… The emperor decides to investigate. Other characters from the composer’s life appear in front of Leopold II to talk about their emotions and experiences related to Mozart. Each analyses the artist’s situations and last days trying to judge others. When leaving this world, everybody is left alone with their feelings, fear, reconciliation, resignation, and hope. The theatrical narrative of exploration is accompanied by the most famous arias from operas by Mozart and combined with the ballet interpretation of “Requiem.

Saaremaa Opera Festival Night performance

“Waiting for Chopin”

Performance of Silesian Opera
Production by Michał Znaniecki

Running time: 1h 40 min

It is a theatrical musical performance reflecting the ambience of drawing room musical meetings complemented by games played with the audience, singing together and co-experiencing.

The protagonists are Chopin’s female pupils who talk and exchange remarks and comments on his methods of work and on his compositions. They perform some of maestro’s songs which he created especially for them during various social events. George Sand analyses the composer’s artistry evident in his works, and Delfina Potocka’s touching recollections serve as pretext to present some of his oeuvres. The unknown features of Chopin’s character and even less known musical works create a charade of music, words, thoughts and feelings. It is only in the finale that we learn it was all just a drawing room game invented by George Sand who collects materials for her new novel. Will Chopin arrive? This remains a secret until the very end. Maybe he will be called for, maybe he will arrive, or maybe somebody will dress up as him… Let us wait for Chopin.

BLRT Grupp presents

Opera in two acts

Fri 22.07. 20.00

Kuressaare Castle Opera House

Duration 3 h

Against the background of the hypocrisy of high society, the tragic love story of the courtesan Violetta and Alfredo unfolds.

Sat 23.07 18.00

Kuressaare Laurentius Church

The Kuressaare Music School has been a breeding ground for the island’s musicians for over 70 years. At the Saturday evening concert held as part of the Saaremaa Opera Days, you can listen mainly to the younger generation of Laine Sepa’s string students. In addition, Siret Sui on the flute and Laine Sepa’s former violin student Ene Salumäe on the organ will also participate.

In the program: Handel, Bach, Gubaidulina, Mägi, Steiner/Mölder

Performers: Karl Jõgi (violin), Albert Leppik (violin), Eva Aarnis (violin), Karret Sepp (cello), Sander Mölder (cello), Kerstin Tomson (viola), Siret Sui (flute), Ene Salumäe (organ)

Sat 23.07. 20.00
Kuressaare Castle Opera House

A spectacular selection of popular opera arias

Sat 23.07. 20.00
Kuressaare Castle Opera House

A spectacular selection of popular opera arias

Midnight Lounge Opera Royal

Fri 22.07.2022 / 23.00

Sat 23.07.2022 / 23.00


Airi Allvee (song)

Margus Jürisson (song)

Ülo Mälgand (piano)

Valdo Preema (drums)

Tõnis Tüür (double bass)

Lauri Sepp (alto saxophone)

Olavi Osimann (tenor saxophone)

Jaak Oserov (trumpet)

Priit Zimmermann (trombone)

The orchestra’s repertoire includes the best dance music, including Latin rhythms and swing. Familiar Estonian and English songs invite listeners to dance. You’re expected!

The doors open at 23:00, the program starts after the end of the opera performance.