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El Festival Opera Tigre en la Isla Kaiola Blue (Buenos Aires) es un projecto internacional de autor de Michał Znaniecki. El Festival se extenderá a lo largo de varios países en torno al río Paraná – Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina- con un acento significativo y referencias a la cultura polaca. El Festival propone como idea la presentación de funciones dramáticas y operísticas empleando el espacio natural de la isla y el entorno acuático del río Paraná. Los espectadores tendrán la posibilidad de participar en actuaciones de corte íntimo así como en espectaculares megaproducciones al aire libre. Festival Opera Tigre pasa así a ser parte del mapa de importantes festivales en los cuales el agua resulta un telón de fondo esencial. Reconocidos cantantes líricos internacionales de todo el mundo han comunicado ya su intención de participar en las próximas producciones de “The Fairy Queen ” y “The Tempest” representadas sobre el agua. Diversos talleres teatrales acompañarán los conciertos y las funciones, dirigidos a un círculo internacional de jóvenes artistas. La edición  2013 que anunciaba el nacimiento del Festival se desarrolló a lo largo de todo un día a través de breves actuaciones, conciertos, talleres con Witold Gombrowicz como leitmotif del evento. Cantantes y actores como Maria Bayo, Gabo Ferro, Marilu Marini, Nacho Gadano, Daniela Taberning han partecipado accompañados para Ruben Fernandez Aguirre e Ensemble Tropi entre otros grandes artistas – amigos del FOT.


The Festival Opera Tigre on the island Kaiola Blue (Buenos Aires) is an international project of Michał Znaniecki. The Festival aims to be extended along several countries around the River Paraná – Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina- with a significant emphasis and references to Polish culture. The Festival will offer theatre and opera performances using the natural area of the island and the aquatic environment of the Paraná River.  Audiences will be able to enjoy both small scale performances and concerts as well as open air opera megaproductions. Festival Opera Tiger becomes part of the group of important festivals in which the water is an essential framework. Renowned international singers from around the world have already announced their intention to participate in the upcoming productions of „The Fairy Queen” and „The Tempest” staged on the water. Theatre and music workshops will complete and support the activities of the Festival, aimed at an international spectrum of young artists. The first edition 2013 which announced the creation of the Festival took place on a single and intense day structured around a great number of small scale performances, concerts, workshops and plays where Witold Gombrowicz became a kind of leitmotif of the event. Singers and actors as Gabo Ferro, Marilu Marini, Nacho Gadano, María Bayo, Daniela Taberning took part of that opening day accompanied by great musicians like Rubén Fernández Aguirre or Ensemble Tropi among other great artists – friends of the FOT.

Edition 2015

Just concluded the edition 2015 of Festival Opera Tigre (FOT) after the two planned open-air spectacles of “ the Fairy Queen”. The spectacle was for the greater part based on music by Henry Purcell composed for “ A midsummer night’s dream” by Shakespeare. The version that was presented at the festival has been created especially for this purpose and is a compilation of the Shakespearian play and Purcell’s music. Close to 50 artists took art in this super production. Amongst them were actors, singers, musicians and acrobats. FOT was such a popular idea that at every spectacle there were about 400 spectators and many petitions for tickets were denied and a sign “ no entry” had to be put up for the duration of each show.
The natural spaces in the island were used as parts of the scenography and the whole play was divided in to small scenes between which the audience would move around.
The audience were transported in to the land of immortal comedy where the sacrum collides with the profanum.  As soon as the first lights light up the amazing baritone Juan Feico who played the part of Theseus sung the comical interpretation of the aria “ the song of the drunkards” with the accompaniment of the festival choir and two fairies played by sopranos Oriana Favaro i Ana Moraitis, who later had their own solos.
The spectacle also featured many great actors such as Pablo Cameselle, Gustavo Ariel Vita and Ewa Biegas. Mrs Biegas sung the opening aria of the festival on the 25 of January. The audience loved her aria “ the lament of Titania”.
Diana Theocharidis created the amazing and complicated choreography for “The fairy queen” which was greatly appreciated by the audience. Bogumił Palewicz helped to create this magical environment with his impressive skills with lights and Luigi Scoglio further enhanced the viewers experience with his imaginative scenography. The amazing group of musicians provided the music for the production. Pablo Mainetti (bandoneon), Jon Paul Lacka (accordion), Pedro Chalkho (electric guitar), Diego Fischerman (flut) and Ana Ares (violin ). They impressed everyone with their skills and creativity in interpreting the difficult music of Baroque.
Festival Opera Tigre was an amazing adventure full of dance, song and daring acrobatic performances. The general public received the festival with great enthusiasm and the locals shown a great deal of support for the organisers. We said goodbye to the magical island of Kaiola Blue and its fae inhabitants but we are all hopeful that next year they will lift the scrim again

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